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Pearson Partners International helps you build world-class management teams. As a full-service retained executive search firm, we secure top talent for some of your most challenging positions, from CEOs and CFOs to CIOs, board members and senior executives. Our track record of success has made us a trusted resource for loyal clients including Fortune 1000 companies, private equity firms and emerging businesses.

Our executive search capabilities are complemented by a professional leadership development and executive coaching practice to ensure your executives reach their highest possible performance.

Based in Dallas, with locations across the country, we maintain a global executive search partnership in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia so you will have access to the highest caliber talent around the globe.

We are a Top 25 U.S./Americas Retained Executive Search Firm.

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"Pearson Partners kept to the schedule, which was aggressive. Communications were very direct, and they worked closely with our operating partners throughout the process, which didn't require me to get involved until we were down to four final candidates. The four I interviewed were of solid caliber. The entire process was tremendous; it was honestly as smooth as any hiring process I've ever experienced."
Chip Hornsby, CEOMorrison Supply
“Pearson Partners did an excellent job, and I would use them again,” Wallander says. “They were a pleasure to work with and a great partner to me, and made it easy to focus on my business responsibilities while ensuring I met the need to get new people in quickly.”
Angie Wallander, EVP & CAOReddy Ice
"I realized I should probably start thinking about a potential career change. I had been friends with Stephen Konstans at Pearson Partners for many years, and an occasional source on his search projects. I met with him to talk things through, and he told me about Pearson Partners' executive coaching services and introduced me to Lisa Thompson, Pearson's managing director of professional services. Lisa gave me some invaluable advice: It would be good to prepare and lay some groundwork, so if and when the time came, I'd be ready."
Mark Layton, COOVideoPlus
"The search was an eye-opener for me. Before I engaged Pearson Partners, I had rarely seen someone with the combination of innovation, credentials and education that we were seeking.”
Mark Haney, SVPWellStar Health System
“We couldn't be happier. Pearson Partners was very responsive. I am one of the most critical people you’ll find, but they were truly a pleasure to work with. We found them to be very good partners and would enjoy working with them again.”
Pat Barth, SVPLone Star Steakhouse
"The search was flawless. There was a lot of pressure, timing was of the essence, and we had to find the absolute best candidate. I am a huge fan of Pearson Partners. They exceeded my expectations."
Anita Vanderveer, VP PeopleSonic Corporation
"Pearson Partners has very strong connections in the marketplace, providing personal networking with individuals that forge relationships with people who are transitioning, and I think that's extremely positive."
Rhonda MacAndrew, SVP HRGreyhound

Retained Executive Search

We have one of the highest job-fill rates in the industry and confidently commit to successfully completing every search.
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Management Assessment

Our Assessment Services range from evaluating a single employee to analyzing the effectiveness of an entire organizational structure.
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Executive Coaching

We understand your need for high-performing executives, confidentiality and return on your investment.
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For Individuals

It’s our business to know what companies look for in top leadership; so we know exactly how to identify, assess and cultivate these qualities in executives.
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Featured Success Stories

  • Unified Power
  • Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Greyhound
  • Natural Gas Partners
  • Morrison Supply
  • Rent-A-Center
  • LSGSkyChefs
  • Lone Star Steakhouse
  • BMC – Building Materials and Construction Services
  • Reddy Ice
  • ASUG – Americas’ SAP Users’ Group
  • Sonic
  • Authentix
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